Use of Mythology in Indian Literature and Contemporary Literature


Use of Mythology

In order to bridge the gap between urban and rural consciousness, between the past and the present, another trend, which is very much visible in the post-modernist poetry scene, is the use of mythology to present the modern predicament. The mythical past affirms man’s relationship to the transcendent. It has a value-structure. It is a rediscovery of the past for the present and an adaptation for the future. One comes across many instances of writers trying to explore their roots, funding their moorings and probing whole areas of experience, blurred during a period of extreme modernism during the last several decades.
In contemporary Indian poetry, along with a sense of urbanity, an attitude of irony, frequent use of mythological sequences as structural images and a
continuous involvement with the problems of expediency and eternity, are very visible.

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Contemporary Literature

In the Post-Modern era, the effort is to be natural, to be Indian, to be near to the common man, to be socially conscious, The third generation of Malayalam writers like N Prabhakaran and p Surendran prefer the term Anti-Modernism to Past-Modernism and are content simply to narrate human tales without any explicit social message or philosophical pretensions.
Recently Indian novels by Jayamohan (Tamil), Debas Ray (Bengali) and Shivprasad  Singh(Hindi), dealing with various neglected regions and the spoken dialect of that area, carving a composite picture of a total India, pulsating with new experience and struggling to hold onto the old values and in the process sometimes also decarding them, are also easily discernible.
The present day crisis in India is the conflict between expediency and universality and as a result, a large number of writers are in the process of identifying a pattern of problem-solving within the traditional system, vigorous enough to generate and sustain an indigenous process of moderation, which does not need ready made external solutions and is in accord with indigenous needs and attitudes.
The new crop of writers are concerned with the truth as they see it in life around them. Even for the Indian English writers, English is no more a colonial language. Amitav Ghosh, Shashi Tharoor, Vikarm Seth, Upamanyu Chatterjee, Arundhati Roy and others are using it without showing a lack of commitment to Indianness, Those writers who are aware of their inheritance, complexity and uniqueness express in their work, without any conscious effort, both tradition and the actuality.
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Use of Mythology in Indian Literature and Contemporary Literature
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