Responsibility of Ministers


Responsibility of Ministers

Indian Polity

Collective Responsibility

Article 164 states that the Council of Minister is collectively responsible to the legislative Assembly of the State. All the ministers own joint responsibility to the Legislative Assembly for all their acts of omission and commission.
They work as a team and swim or sink together and the cabinet decisions bind all the cabinet ministers (and other ministers) even, if they defer in the cabinet meeting. It is the duty of every minister to stand by the Cabinet decisions and support them both within and outside the State Legislature. If, any minister disagrees with a cabinet decision and is not prepared to defend it, he must resign.

Individual Responsibility

As per Article 164, the ministers hold office till the pleasure of the Governor. But, the ministers can be removed only on the advice of the Chief Minister. Thus, the Chief Minister can hold ministers individually responsible by removing them in case of non-performance.
Legal Exemption
The courts cannot enquire into the nature of the advice rendered by the ministers to the Governor regarding any subject.

Cabinet in States

Cabinet is considered as the nucleus of the Council of Ministers. It is the highest decision-making and the chief policy formulating authority in the Politico-administrative system of a State. It is the Chief Coordinator of State Administration. The cabinet is the ultimate decision-making body of the Executive, headed by the Chief Minister.
It is an advisory body to the Governor and deals with all major legislative and financial matters. It exercises control over higher appointments like Constitutional Authorities and Senior Secretariat Administrators.

Cabinet Committees

The Cabinet Committees are set up by the chief minister as per the time and requirement of the situation. They are of two types.
1.    Standing Committees these are of permanent nature.
2.    Adhoc Committee they formulate proposals for the consideration of the cabinet and also take decisions which although can be reviewed by the cabinet. These are temporary in nature.        

Responsibility of Ministers
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