Dussehra Best Wishes, Messages, Sms and greetings for whats app and facebook

Today here we are providing you Dussehra Best Wishes, dussehra greetings messages in English, Dussehra Quotes, Latest Dussehra Sms for what app, Latest happy dussehra messages for facebook,  Latest Dussehra message, Dussehra Best wishes for friend and family,  dussehra message for android phone. Here we also share Dussehra 2017 photo, Dussehra pics for android phone, Dussehra pics for whats app, happy dussehra greetings 2017.
As we know that Dussehra is a very important festival in our social life. These festival is celebrated because this day Lord Rama killed Ravana and save people from their cruel dynasty. This festival is a victory of Goodness on evil. Dussehra celebrate in all over India on Thursday 30 Sep. On this day people burn Dummy Ravana.
It’s Dussehra! With dussehra sms messages, greeting your relatives, family members and closed friends in this auspicious day is just an sms away. Gone are those days that you have to buy Dussehra greetings cards or create your own dussehra cards. Now, all you need is a cellphone, a load, and a perfect dussehra SMS. Can’t find one? You may one to use one of the samples of Dussehra messages below. We included some inspirational dussehra greetings and happy dussehra sms for your friends.

Dussehra Quotes

 [email protected] sun rise to give us @ [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] will @[email protected] be [email protected] by light.
 Let us follow the [email protected] [email protected]@l rule @nd enjoy the [email protected] of good [email protected] evil.
 [email protected] [email protected] !!!!

On this @uspicious [email protected] of [email protected]
 I wish you every [email protected] @nd the fulfillment of your [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] !!!!

Ho @@pki life me Kushiyon [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] @@ye
koi [email protected]@ [email protected]@ sukhi [email protected] @@[email protected] [email protected]@ [email protected] [email protected]

Dussehra Quotes
[email protected] is the [email protected] which reminds us of the [email protected] of good-news,
 fighting injustice @nd following the [email protected] of righteousness
[email protected] [email protected]

This [email protected], [email protected] you blessed with good fortune
@s long @s [email protected]’s trunk [email protected] @nd prosperity
 @s big @s his [email protected] [email protected] @s sweet
@s his [email protected] @nd [email protected] your trouble be @s well
@s his mouse wish you @nd your [email protected] @ fun filled [email protected]
Dussehra Quotes
@n @uspicious [email protected] to [email protected] with @ny good work
It [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] good won victory over [email protected]
[email protected] this [email protected] [email protected] @ll hurdles of your life
 @nd [email protected] new [email protected] of well-being [email protected]@ !

A time for celebration,
A time for victory of good over bad,
A time when world see the example of power of good.
Let us continue the same ‘True’ spirit.
Blessing of Dussehra!

Good Health and Success
Ward Off Evil
Lords Blessings
Happy Dussehra
Yummy Dussehra
Triumph Over Evil
Joyous Festive Season
Spirit Of Goodness…
Happy Vijaya Dashami !

Long live the tradition of Hindu culture,
as the generations have passed by,
Hindu culture is getting stronger and stronger
Let’s keep it up.
Best Wishes for Dussehra

Celebrate the Victory of the
force of Good over Evil.
Let’s Celebrate an Auspicious Day
to begin new things in Life…
Happy Dussehra!!!
Dussehra Quotes
रावण की बरसी आने वाली है,
उन की याद में प्लीज ये SMS कम से कम
किसी 1 राक्षस या 1 भूत को ज़रूर सेंड करे,
मैंने अपना फर्ज पूरा कर दिया…

इस समय लोग रावण भी हो जाये वही बहुत हैं,
रावण बनना भी कहां आसान ….

रावण में अहंकार था तो पश्चाताप भी था
रावण में वासना थी तो संयम भी था
रावण में सीता के अपहरण की ताकत थी
तो बिना सहमति परस्त्री को स्पर्श भी न करने का संकल्प भी था,

सीता जीवित मिली ये राम की ही ताकत थी..
पर सीता पवित्र मिली ये रावण की भी मर्यादा थी
राम, तुम्हारे युग का रावण अच्छा था..
दस के दस चेहरे, सब “बाहर” रखता था…:

Dussehra Best Wishes, Messages, Sms and greetings for whats app and facebook
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