Do you know how to made the Indian Constitution ?



  The Britishers came to India in 1600 as traders in the form of East India Company.Indian Administration was under the East India company till 1858.Later,in 1765,they acquired Diwani right over Bengal,Bihar and Odissa.Also the company, which began as a purely commercial corporation gradually attained the status of Government.This gave impetus to various commercial and political activities of East India Company.

Indian Constitution

Need Of Constitution:

After the revolt of 1857 in India,British Crown took responsibility of directly administrating India.To administer India, they passed various Government of India acts like Government of India act 1858,1892, 1909, 1919 etc.Meanwhile after the formation of Congress in1885, British Government was pressurised to bring reform In Indian Administration.
In 1928, Motilal Nehru drafted a constitution for India known as Nehru report.Later in 1934 MN Roy suggested that India should have a constituent Assembly to draft a constitution of its own.Such a constituent Assembly was set up in 1946.The constitution was adopted on 26th November 1949 and on 26th January  1950, the Indian constitution was came into being.

Do you know how to made the Indian Constitution ?
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