Bihu, Hajgiri, Tangta and Dhol, Nongkrem folk dances of North-East India


North-Eastern India

Bihu (Assam)


The folk dance of Assam is called Bihu. Every Assamese, young or old, rich or poor, takes delight in the dance, which forms a part of the Bihu festival. The festival comes in mid-April, during the harvesting time (which lasts for a month).

Hajgiri (Tripura)

Hajgiri is the folk dance of Tripura, The land of large tribal population. The dance is performed by young girls, who demonstrate a series of balancing skills and uses instruments of its kind. The dances are a part of the ceremony to appease the Goddess Lakshami, to ensure a happy harvest, as cultivation forms a main source of tribe’s live-hood.

Tangta and Dhol Cholom (Manipur)

The Thangta dance of Manipur was an evolution from the martial arts exercise encouraged by the kings of Manipur. The dance is exciting in nature and is performed by young men holding swords and shields. One of the instruments that dominate Manipuri dances is the drum, Dhol Cholom, a drum dance, is one of the dances performed during Holi.

Nongkrem (Meghalaya)

To celebrate the remembrance of the evolution of Khasis and their indigenous democratic state called Hima, Nongkrem dance is performed in Meghalaya, during autumn. The Khasis are a tribe of Meghalaya, also who celebrate the ripening of paddy for threshing by dance and songs.

Folk dance of Arunachal Pradesh

In Arunachal Pradesh, an organized group of tribal performers perform dances, plays, musical scripts and dance-dramas, based on stories of Lord Buddha. The dancers were masks of demons or animals, as described in the tales of Buddha, along with splendid costumes. These dances are mostly performed in monasteries, during festivals.

Folk Dance of Sikkim

In Sikkim, the men are attracted more towards the monastic style of dancing, while the women have their own folk dance style. The dances of Sikkim are different than those of Indian traditions. Masks used in dances are something close to Indian cultural dances.   

Bihu, Hajgiri, Tangta and Dhol, Nongkrem folk dances of North-East India
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