Best Rakhi SMS, messages,wallpaper and quotes for Brother and sister

On this Rakhi, reach out to your dear brother and sister by sending him / her a special online Rakhi SMS, Raksha Bandhan SMS in English, Hindi SMS for Rakhi, Rakhi Shayari in Hindi, New Raksha Bandhan SMS 2018,Rakhi Wishes in English, Best Raksha Bandhan SMS in Hindi, Raksha Bandhan Status for whats app and facebook, SMS,Raksha Bandhan Messages,SMS, Raksha Bandhan Wallpapers and Quotes. No matter where he/she is, with Virtual Rakhi Messages he can read your Rakhi sms anywhere, anytime. Just click on the message button and wish your dear brother a Happy Raksha Bandhan.
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Rakhi sms for sister in English

wish u “HAPPY RAKHI” and
I pray to God for ur prosperous life.
May you find all the delights of life,
may ur all dreams come true.
My best wishes will always be with you
and I wish that u’ll always shower your blessings on me.

Dear Brother,
Rakhi Is The Time To Remind You That
I May Not Be Around All Year Through But
The Thread Of Love, Caring And Sharing
Shall Always Remind You Of My Presence In Your Life.
Happy Raksha Bandhan!

I am sending well wishes of raksha bandhan to my lovely sister from the heart and hope you fine, on this raksha bandhan I can’t come to you, so take my blissful wishes for making your day great – happy raksha bandhan 2018…

Today is Rakhi,
 it is the perfect time to thank you for your love,
 support and care.
Thank you sis very much…
and wish you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

Sister is a person who always love and care
She is a person who understands your thoughts and emotions
She is a person who assists you in any difficult situations.
I love you my dear sister. Wish you a Happy and Joyful Rakhi!!

When I think of Rakhi….
The first thing comes in my mind ……..
the fights and arguments …..
we had in our childhood days

Today, I laugh …
 thinking about it and my love towards you increases.
Happy Rakhi, my loving sis….

You are my sweet angel……
your are my dear friend…….
I will always be with you……
you are my real happiness..
I love you my dear sister…..
 Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!

A sister is a special gift of life……
a life long friend…..My sis…
a very Happy Raksha Bandhan.
May God bless you and may each of your day fill with joy and prosperity.

Rakhi SMS in Hindi

Kamyaabi tereh kadam chumati rahen,
 Hamesa khushiya tere chaaro orh rahen,
Aur bhagvanshe ye gujharis karne keh liye,
Tum aeseh hin mujh seh commission detaa rahe.
Have a great future ahead.

Raksha Bandhan hey pyaara sah tyovhar,
 Joh laaye jeevan meh khushiya aur pyar,
Aapki shari dost aaye aapke dvaar,
Leke rakhi aur dher shara pyar,
Karo hamaari shubhakamanaaye shvikar.

Lal gulabi rung meh jhum rahan sanshar,
Surajh ki rosani aur khushiyo ki bahar,
 Chaand ki chandni aurh apnoh kaa pyaar,
Badhae hon aapko yeh Rakhi kaa tyowhar.

Funny Rakhi SMS in Hindi

Lal gulabi rung meh jhum rahan sanshar, Surajh ki rosani aur khushiyo ki bahar, Chaand ki chandni aurh apnoh kaa pyaar, Badhae hon aapko yeh Rakhi kaa tyowhar.

Payal chhankati aayi thi,
 Payal chhankati chali gayi,
Main sindur leke khada rahan,
Mujh hen Rakhi pahenke chali gayi.

Khuda kareh tujhen khushiyaan hajhar mileh,
 Mujh seh bhi achha yaar mile,
Meri girlfriend tujhen bandhe rakhi,
 Aur tumeh ek aur bahen kaa pyaar mileh.

Rakhi SMS for Brother in English

Hi Bhaiya,
Day comes and day goes. But for me it is not just the matter of 24 hours but the life which lam living just because of you. I still can’t forget the day when no one came for my help but you gave your hand and let my all worries goes off. I have read a story that there was a monster who wanted to engulf a girl but suddenly god sent an angel for rescuing her. He gave his hand and took out the petrified girl from the deep pit. You were my angel who saved me. I don’t need any occasion to show my gratefulness towards you because every moment of my life is a blessing of yours. I don’t want to beautify my words to make myself better than others. Because emotions, feelings come direct from heart only for those people which we love truly and these should be describe straightforwardly. These are my pure emotions which are just for you. You are always with me. I really love you.
Happy Rakhi!!!

Hi Bhaiya,
I really miss you here. For the first time on Raksha Bandhan we are far from each other. However this distance doesn’t matter when our hearts are close to each other.
Today your sister prays God that….
Give my all happiness to my brother and give all his sorrows to me. Make his life brighter like a light of star.
Do not give him success as a gift but make him capable to achieve it. Give him that much of confidence that he can win the world.
Fulfill his heart with that much of love so that he can understand the problems of those who are needy & help them.
Hey God, give my brother love, success, long & beautiful life & an understanding wife (ha..ha….ha) “Happy Raksha Bandhan”

Mere bhai jaisa na hai na hoga koi duja,
Mein aarti utar ke karoo teri puja.
Man kare hai bhaiyya, main ud ke paas tere aa jaoon,
Leke balaiya main tujh pe vaari vaari jao.

Best Rakhi Wallpaper and Quotes For Brothers and Sisters








Best Rakhi SMS, messages,wallpaper and quotes for Brother and sister
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