April fool day pranks, Jockes, SMS, Status, Wishes and Quotes

It’s April fool’s day! Get your april fools day pranks and april fools day jokes ready as the day of fool is here! You can also send april fools day messages, april fools day wishes, april fools day sms, april fools day greetings and april fools day text messages to your friends. This collection of pranks for april fools day also includes april fools day quotes and april fools day facebook and Whatsapp status.

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April fool day pranks, Jockes, SMS, Wishes

How can I ever fool a special friend like you??? Press F13 if you agree with this message!

Thank you for reading this message. Congratulations! 10 $ will be credited to the sender’s account! Have a great April 1 day!

In Hasinon se Rasm-e-Wafa
or Dil lagana
Sarasar Bhool hai,,
Jis Din ye Iqrar karen Mohabbat ka,
Samajh lena us Din April Fool hai..;-p

Don’t be afraid to be fooled today! It is not a Fool’s day yet – it’s March 32!

Best Relationships Needs

No Promises
No Demands N
No Expectations
It just Needs 2 people
1 Fool Like U
1 Cool Like Me…;-p

I just wanted to say a good bye,
I decided to go away for a while,
Please, don’t follow my way,
My ticket is booked for… a Fool’s day!

Plz open this
after 2 days at saturday.
I know u can’t wait.
So Congratz.
U r a 1st FOOL of 2017.
April Fool in Advance

I’m sorry, my Fool’s day joke resulted in your arrest…
Merry Christmas! Whoops! Happy April 1!

I couldn’t think of any new clever joke for Fool’s day, so I send your friends a photo where you were drunk…

Today everyone is talking how smart and wise you are. How dare they to fool you???

If you go to bed with me today, I won’t be worry that someone will believe this!

Aany wala Kal Tumhara Hai.
Tumhara Tha.
Tumhara Hi Rahega.
Us pr Tumhara Hi Haq hai.
Socho Kyon?
Q K Kal 1st APRIL Hai.

when i went to school we had a test but not a real test he was faking the test so wehn we got the test there ugly queaste then our teacher said april fools

A-u r Attractive B-u r the Best C-u r Cute D-u r Dear 2 me E-u r Excellent F-u r funy G-u r Gud Lukg H-HeHeHe I-I’m J-Jokng

April fool day pranks, Jockes, SMS, Status, Wishes and Quotes
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