Ancient Indian History,How to derived The Name India?

India has been also called Bharat,Hindustan and Aryavarta.The name India is derived from the river Indus, for India means the country of the Indus.The Rigveda, however, refers  to the Indus as Sindhu.In 518 BC,Darius I,  the Persian emperor, conquered the area around the Indus and due to difficulty in Pronouncing the initial ‘S’, turned Sindhu into Hindu.

Ancient India

Later the Greeks termed Hindu as Indus.thus,to the Greeks and Romans,India came to mean the country of the Indus.The Name Bharat was used for a group of people who lived in the North-West and were mentioned in Rigveda as Bharatvasnhi or Bharatasantati.In Rigveda,the word Bharat Indicates about the tribe,but later on, refers to the legendary emperor(Bharat),the founder of the Bharat dynasty and the ancestor of Pandavas and Kauravas.
The Name Aryavarta refers to the land of the Aryan race.At present,only the names India and Bharat are officially recognized,although Hindustan is also in common use.The nomenclature Hindustan was given by Scholars and rulers.It was Aburayhan al-Biruni, an Iranian historian, Philosopher and astronomer, who studied Indian Society in the 11th century and first called the people who were living around the river Sindh,Hindus.
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Ancient Indian History,How to derived The Name India?
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