Amravati School of art, Geographical Discoveries in Post Mauryan Period


Amravati School of art

Its patrons were Satavahanas and Ikshvakus. The main centers were Nagarjunakonda, Ghantasala, Amravati, Jaggay-yapeta etc. Chief Material used was white marble, the principle influence in this case was that of Buddhist themes. Physical beauty was elegantly expressed in images, Images shows sensual expressions.
It focusses upon human beings, but the representation is more narrative rather than individualistic. The kings, princes etc. were represented through images. But, this representation does not focus upon the individual presence of king or princes. Rather the king was associated with various activities and shown in a group. Notable achievements were the female figure in different moods and poses.

Schools of the Period

Ashvaghosha Books on Saundaranand, Buddhacharita, Sariputra, Prakarana and Vijrasuchi.
Nagarjuna also known as Indian Einstein for propounding the theory of relativity in his book Prajana Paramita Sutra Shastra.
Charak Charak Samhita.
Patanjali book on grammer Mahabhasya
Gunadhya Brihat Katha in Paisachi dialect.
Hala Gathasaptasati.
Sarvaraman Katantra.
Bhasa Svapna vasavadatta, Ravanabadh, vrubhanga.
Science and Technology
Much progress was made in the field of metallurgy. The presence of Greek engineers in Kushana court shows an exchange in this field. Engineering skills in the building of dams and irrigations tanks are evident from their remains. Geometry seems to have been well developed and it was applied widely. In the field of astronomy, Greek influence was quite evident from the text Romaka Siddhanta. Indian medicine made remarkable progress during this period, Chakara wrote Charakasamhita. He stayed at the court of Kanishka.

Geographical Discoveries in Post Mauryan Period

A Greek sailor, Hippalus, discovered the monsoon sea route to indian from west Asia in AD 46-47.
New Ports Bharoch and Bar Bairicum on western coast, Aricamed/Podeku (according  to periplus) on Eastern coast near Pondicherry.
Bullion was flowing out of Rome to India. This statement was made by pliny.
Geographical by piny
Works by Ptolemy
Natural History by Pliny.
Periplus of the Erythraean sea unknown.
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Amravati School of art, Geographical Discoveries in Post Mauryan Period
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